Sunday, March 19, 2006

Slow Drivers

Today I was driving around trying to burn some fuel off to see what MPG it was doing and on most 60 roads I ended up behind cars doing 35-40 "What The Fuck!" now don't get me wrong i'm not one who's too enthusiastic about excessive speeding but going too slow is as bad. Now what made me smile about this situation was these so called "sensible drivers" because they drove well below the speed limit, had so many bumps and dints on their cars, crazy! The problem is, is there are too many bad drivers on the roads. The government loves it to have so many bad drivers because they still get petroleum tax, the country's economy would virtually collapse in around a month if we all took to Walking, Cycling or Public Transport - China has banned citizens from using bikes in certain parts of their country so as to encourage car sales and thus a economy boosting petroleum economy - a mega crazy idea as we appear to be hitting or sitting at Peak Oil.

Going back to the speeding situation, a proven fact is that drivers lose concentration when going too slow. If a race driver eases off he is more likely to have a accident the same goes for if he goes too fast. We are all individuals and if we could get rid of the testosterone, pissing contests then we may not need to be nannied in to how fast we are allowed to go.

Hell I've been on some roads which are the National Speed limit 60mph and I bet Colin McCrae would struggle to get above 40 mph in a fully loaded Rally Subaru Impressa! Yet I go on roads so wide, straight and spacious with 300 yard stretches of 40 mph followed by 300 yards of 30 mph with a revenue camerra er sorry speed camerra!

Friday, March 17, 2006


well as i seem to rant all the time on this blog, here's one thats different.

Man how nice is it to breathe the nice cold oxygen in england when getting offf a aroplane thats returing from a hot country.

Also Cheers is the best sit-com/drama/tv-programme ever. To me Cheers is the only half hour ish release from this crap reality we exist in. Regardless of how good your life is you are going to die!!! Or maybe death only happens to others!!! Only certain people will understand this statement???

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mad Bastards, back in WW2 they git done for War Crimes!

Well i'm now on my 4th MP3 and guess what it still aint working right. Its only allowing me to use 450ish of mega bytes leaveing me 550. I've decided it must be somthing to do with my PC so i'm going to try loading the tunes from another.

Read the story about those poor bastards who got ill following experimental drug taking today. Just shows what the rich capitalist bastards will do - get the fucking poor to experiment drugs on, lets get those far down in debt that they need to do anything they can to get some cash. Following WW2 Gestapo's were hunted down for war crimes for doing similar human experiments. This time its fine though bevause the rich fucking capitalist bastards want to make sure these drugs are safe before they take them.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Blame It On The Immigrants!

Why is it that when you buy somthing it breaks in a few weeks and the replacement is broke before you even use it!!! Well this has happend to me with my MP3 player, what a bummer - oh well here goes 3rd time lucky.

Today I was listening to a news report on Hallam FM about the problems with Illegal Immigrants in this country. Then I read the shocking report in the Sun!!! (aha The Sun :0) Well I remember reading a report in the early to mid 90's and it claimed that thounsands of East European Gypsy's will soon be invading our shores.

The word "Gypsy's" now is a "politaclly correct" wrong word to use now. This as caused a bit of a problem. The reason for this problem is that most of these illegal immigrants who are breaking the law either killing, raping, robbing, etc. are what would be described as Eastern European Gypsy's (travellers, nomads, etc.) These vagabonds are giving real asylum seekers a bad name and all this is due to Politaical Correctness, if we were allowed to call a spade a spade maybe there wouldn't be as much bad feeling amongst the different ethnics.

I am not saying all Gypsy's are criminals but on a personal experience I have only had bad experiences with them, some I have feared for my life and have had to use streetwise knowledge to get me out of very scary situations, another occasion I was helped out by some passers by. I don't know what solution there is to the growing problem of gypsy's but I think it needs addressing, one thing that would help is to encourage them to intigrate into current society, if not then in a few years from now I predict uprising against them.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Smelly Kelly Clarkson

I was listening to Hallam FM today and those 2 drive home self important DJ's were interviewing Kelly Clarkson when they asked the ultimate question, what is the worst thing about being famous?

Kelly's reply, "having to be boss, I hate being the boss, I don't like ordering people around."

What a load of bollox celebrities/famous people are the moodiest, self obsessed, hard to please, bossiest, wankers that walk this earth. I'll tell you what the worst thing for a celebrity/famous is not BEING RECOGNISED! Holy shit! Just thing of the pallavar if Maddonna was jogging in the park with her 3 thousand bouncers and nobody gave a fuck because they didn't know her LOL enough said!!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Schooling doesn't learn you to teach yourself

Following on from yesterdays blog, today I will explain a little about why technology is just a by-product of cheap abundant energy or available energy. How it works is like this, you can only invent things with the energy/resources available, thounsands of years ago man discovered fire, this led to many new inventions including cooked food - worth a watch "Quest For Fire" . Then we learnt how to fashion weapons from wood and so and so on.

Now our current civilisation has grown up on fossil fuels; cheap fossil fuels (cheap because we live in a corporate/capitalist system which fucks the planet and people/annimals up for somthing called money!) Well Oil is the best and with it has come thounsands of inventions and a big increase in technology, on a scale never known before in any civilisation. We got the combustion engine with changed the way we lived amongst many things. Now we are reaching the point of not having enough oil to feed our current thirst for it, economists and optimists claim technology will provide. Provide fucking what? You can't get blood out of a stone. All the major technology advancements/inventions have been made from our most energy intensive/utillity fossil fuel - Nuclear Power wouldn't have come about without the use of oil. All we've had in the last 25-30 or so years is just improvments on allready invented technology, there as been nothing new and combustion engines are still energy inefficient! So how the fuck can we expect technology to come up with a solution now, when real technological advances have been stood still for decades now???

This is a complex subject and i've only touched the tip of the ice-berg with todays blog, if your reading this just think about and have a look around, you'll soon understand what i'm saying!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Loose Women and Energy/Global Warming crises

Just caught a little of this shite afternoon programme on ITV - only afternoon TV I usually watch is re-runs of Frasier and Cheers on Paramount but on switching on the TV I just caught those Loose women discussing somthing worth discussing, so I listened!

Jenny James (i'm not exactly sure what she's a celebrity for - oh dear! for her) was talking about how we should be saving energy and the others were sat their agahst! (if thats a word.) Then Jenny destroyed herself by saying if we dont do somthing now London will be under water in 50 or so years time. All good and well this Global Warming shit but its all a cover up now being used to cover up Peak Oil. Years ago no one wanted to talk about Global Warming but now the Governments realise were hitting Peak Oil they are telling us we should try to reduce wasting energy because we're causing Global Warming.

Well wake the Fuck up! Whats happening is we've used all the easy, high energy return Oil and Gas; theres plenty left but its harder to get to and is less energy intensive. Why do you think your Fuel bills are rising so fast - it isn't nothing to do inflation. You see the economy works better on cheap energy bills it means more consumption all round, not just the basics but we have money left over for shite too.

Global Warming is all good and well but it may not even happen. OK there's damage already done but there is'nt enough Oil left to bring about the catastrophic effects we here about but what will happen is Peak Oil and the shit that follows now that will bring Catastrophic effects.

Here's couple of sites worth a look

Now my mind changes about when the "shit will hit the fan" a term used for the downward slope of the Hubbert Curve but I believe we are at Peak Oil now, I think it will take a furthr 1 to 3 years before the shit hits the fan. And theres nothing you can do about it baby! Why because when I tried raising awareness people took me for a conspiracy theorist, idiot or doom monger - well guess what i'll have my little laugh soon! Fuck You ;0)

Lots of people think technology will overcome, well it won't, technology is just a by-product of cheap abundant resources. Oil happens to be the most intensive abundant easy to use energy on planet earth - you see it's the energy from the sun, which as been caught thousands of years ago and compressed underground so as to turn in to black-gold, the sun (stars) are the highest form of energy in the universe hence the reason why oil is so energy intensive. Anyway I could go on and on but I won't.